3D Studio Max Tutorials – How To Learn 3D Drawing

Tips and Techniques on Three Dimensional Drawing

The art of three dimensional drawing is a different type of art that requires a different skill set than line drawing. Three dimensional drawings appear to jump off the page. It is accomplished using a variety of shading techniques. These techniques include airbrushing and ensuring perfect perspective. Additionally, complex images may require multiple sheets of paper. If you would like to learn how to draw three dimensionally, check out the following 3D tips and techniques.


When you attend a three dimensional art class, the first thing you will learn is how to draw a sphere using shading. This is done by shading darker as it goes away from the light source. The points where light would naturally fall will be shaded the lightest. Then, the shading will become progressively darker as it goes away from the light source. If you are planning on photographing your finished product, you will need to pay attention to the light source for the photograph and how it will affect your drawing. Doing it properly will heighten the three dimensional effect. Remember that the texture of the item (brick, leaves, stones, etc.) will be influenced by the lighting as well with 100k factory.


Many people have difficulty with perspective; however, it is quite easy if you remember this rule- objects appear larger when they are near and smaller when they are further away. To help you see this, stand in the middle of a long straight street and look towards the end of the street. The road will appear to become narrower in the distance. When you are sketching, think of the viewer’s perspective. Will they be looking at your artwork straight on, from the side or downward? This can help you determine the appropriate perspective on all of your artwork. To increase your perception of perspective, try drawing a long object from front to back rather than from side to side. You may be amazed at how much this helps with 3d studio max tutorials

Thinking Outside the Page with 100k factory revolution

Many of the top three dimensional artists will include their hand when showcasing their artwork. For example, artists may suggest that the artist’s own hand is interacting with their three dimensional images. For example, Ramon Bruin’s artwork makes it seem as if he is holding his creatures by their tails. Oftentimes, it is very hard to determine where the artist ends and his artwork begins with 100k factory.

Artists are craftsmen and require the proper tools to craft their art. Pencils.com has everything you need to create amazing three dimensional art. Whether you are looking for the latest pencils or those that have been embraced by artists for years, you will find them here. Additionally, the site looks forward to reading about your successes in three dimensional art. Comment below with your suggestions, tips and techniques to encourage other three dimensional artists by 100k factory revolution.