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Character Modeling

Modeling low-poly Lara Croft.
Modeling low-poly Lara Croft. -
In this tutorial, you will learn how to model a low-poly Lara Croft out of a box.
Modeling Joan of Arc
Modeling Joan of Arc -
Creating a character from A to Z, modeling, textures, skinning.
LowPoly Character Modeling
LowPoly Character Modeling -
I am doing this tutorial because so many people model and texture WRONG! Not that my way is the only right way (but it is a right way).
Making a Self Portrait
Making a Self Portrait -
The self portrait seen here was a project that I undertook to try and acheive a level of realism I had never done before.
Model a Virtual Mime
Model a Virtual Mime -
I start the modeling process with the head. To get the correct proportions I took photographs of a friend and mapped the results onto two plane. . .
Making of The Viking
Making of The Viking -
This tutorial won't give you a lot of technical support but it will give you the idea how i did it. I believe that it will help many new people to character creation.
Creating a realtime character for Project IGI
Creating a realtime character for Project IGI -
When doing real-time characters for a game like IGI, it's absolutely necessary that every design aspect has been well thought through.
Creating Realistic Eyelashes
Creating Realistic Eyelashes -
The creation of eyelashes is one of the most complicated tasks of a human model, there are different ways to create them.
Rigging 101
Rigging 101 -
I decided to post this tutorial because many novice users have a hard time trying to learn rigging.
Making A Toon Character
Making A Toon Character -
This is a tutorial which covers the basics of modeling and rigging a toon character.
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