Drawing Tips and Tricks You Need To Know When Starting Out


Tips to Help Your Draw

Many people struggle with simple things such as drawing a circle. Others have difficulty keeping a line straight no matter how many times they try. Still, others are not able to draw to points with a specific distance between the points. If your pictures do not look right even after carefully following all of the instructions in a tutorial, it may be due to a lack of basic skills that were either never learned or forgotten over the years. If you are ready to learn these basic skills so that you can become a better artist, you are in luck. This article is filled with detailed information on how to learn or relearn these necessary skills.

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Straight Lines

Many people struggle with drawing straight lines. There are many ways you can draw a straight line, including using a ruler. However, you should realize that most people will never be able to draw a perfectly straight long line. Even if your line starts out perfect, it can end up crooked. This is because as the line becomes longer, you can make more mistakes.

Instead of drawing an impossibly long line, opt to draw short lines which the hand is more adapted to drawing. Take a look at the following picture. The shorter the lines are, the more likely they will be straight.

Enjoy the Process of Creating Art

If you want to draw a flower similar to the one shown below, you need to determine the different parts of the flower. For example, it has a straight line, a perfect circle and precise angles and curves. You could draw the flower very slowly, fretting over each line. But why would you do that? Art is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, not boring and stressful!

Technical Drawings by 100k Factory Revolution

Technical drawing is different than other forms of art because it requires drawing perfectly straight lines and completely round circles. Technical drawings require you to draw exactly like the reference material. It does not allow you to include any personal style or creativity into the project.

Creating art involves staying relaxed and focusing on the final project rather than creating perfect lines and circles. For this reason, you need to learn how to keep your hand relaxed. This is done by sketching fast and freely. Let’s look at the flower again and incorporate some of the following techniques with 100k factory revolution.

Divide the long lines in the flower into short lines. Remember when drawing curves, uses shorter lines. In fact, the curvier it is, the shorter the lines need to be.

Use a light touch when drawing. Allow the pencil lead to glide along the paper rather than pressing hard.

Fast light strokes will allow you to freehand a drawing more efficiently learn build earn system.